Our staff

The project Donne nella Storia di Verona entailed the realization of two formative paths of 180 hours each:

• Specialist of cultural heritage marketing
• Specialist of multimedia and web applications

The tutors and teachers which intervened and their modules:

Adriana Valerio – Historical research
Alberto Savoia – Information Literacy
Alessandra Zamperini – Historical research
Alessandro Rania – Web design
Chiara Zen – Web design
Cristina Frescura – Historical research
Cristina Simonelli – Historical research
Davide Contri – Soft Skills
Fabio De Vecchi – Web developing

Lara Ruzza – Web Marketing
Lena Residori – Historical research
Mareva De Frenza – Historical research
Miriam Sordo – Soft Skills
Monica Viviani – Cultural promotion
Raniero Cappitta – Web developing
Rita Torti – Creative writing
Tiziana Argeri – Creative writing and multimedia content
Joanne Southam – Translation

Our supporters which contributed to the project: